The Oasis is close to all the summer fun of the Sydney's
Northern Beaches and provides a restful retreat in the
quiet season.
Leisure activities and local attractions include:

- Duke Kahanamuko Surfing Memorial Park
- Pack a picnic and feed the ducks at Manly Dam or
  take a bushwalk to see the wildlife
- Ten minute walk into Manly, and The Harbord
  Hilton Pub/Beer Garden
- Manly's Oceanarium, waterslides, art gallery,
  ferry or jetcat rides to the city
- Harbord Beach Hotel pub and beer garden

- Cinemas & shopping at Warringah Mall
- Recreational sports such as snorkelling, parasailing,
  windsurfing, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking,
  boating, golf, tennis & rollerblading or walking along
  Manly's famous beach front promonade
- Harbord Village with a choice of restaurants
  and chic cafes sampling local seafood or
  international cuisine
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